Outdoor Living Places

Outdoor Living Places
The sky is the limit with Ace Remodel as your custom patio contractor

Outdoor Living Spaces for Relaxation and Entertaining


A little transformation by an expert remodeler can turn ordinary yards into sensational outdoor living spaces. These outdoor living spaces can be like private resorts that the property owners and their families can enjoy all year long, for free!

If you wish your front and backyards to be made into elegant outdoor living spaces where you cand relax with your family and entertain your friends and relatives, come to Ace Remodel.

As an experienced remodeler, we have what it takes to create unique living spaces that expand the living area on your property, while adding significantly to the property’s value.

The luxurious outdoor living spaces that we create for you include:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Decks
  • Patios

We realize that your outdoor living spaces are an investment in your property as well as your life. Therefore, your ideas and desires make the foundation on which we design your outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, decks and patios.


Outdoor Kitchens and Eating Areas


Most families love gathering in the kitchen and eating together. Imagine the fun of doing so in outdoor kitchens in the privacy of outdoor living spaces! Actually, outdoor kitchens and eating areas are also ideal for outdoor parties with friends.

Make full use of your outdoor living spaces by letting us create beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens. Our outdoor kitchens combine the ease of indoor cooking with the inimitable ambiance of outdoor living spaces. The result is stylish outdoor kitchens that are perfect for enjoying:

  • Simple meals with the family
  • Laid-back barbecues
  • Lavish parties

The possibilities in designing outdoor kitchens are endless. Our experts specialize in making customized outdoor kitchens that reflect the property owners’ lifestyle.


Decks and Patios to Expand Outdoor Living Spaces


Decks and patios are great fun! Besides, outdoor kitchens, decks and patios also make wonderful additions to your outdoor living spaces. When planned carefully and constructed professionally, decks and patios make great places to gather with family and friends or relax in solitude in the sun or under the stars.

If you too want to enjoy your yard to the fullest, call us to install decks and patios that you can use for:

  • Lounging
  • Working
  • Entertaining

We build exquisite decks and patios that you and your family are sure to enjoy for years. Our decks and patios blend seamlessly with the home and landscape, making for natural extensions of the property.

Trust Ace Remodel to enhance your home with elegant outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, decks and patios. Call (206) 856-0742.